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Tall, Tall Mountain
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 10:00pm

Sam Gelfand couldn’t have been anything he wanted to be.  Aptitude tests showed that with his limited skill set, he’d be best suited to be a fireman or a failed musician.  He chose the latter rather than the ladder.  Sam’s first band, The Delanceys (featuring One For the Team co-founder John Krueger), recorded an EP, took third in a talent show and played various Minneapolis stages before their drummer robbed a friend of the band.  Satisfied with this failure, Sam receded from society and spent the following years pursuing a rewarding career answering fan mail for Guy Fieri.  He eventually emerged from his cocoon and his new form began playing bass for beloved Twin Cities bands Birds of Virginia and Iguano.  Sam enlisted Anders Carlson (Love Lake) to produce his early demos and began searching for others to help him achieve his musical vision.

Wichita songwriter Matt Mundinger had just relocated to Minneapolis, and Sam convinced him to join the project in exchange for helping him move a mattress upstairs into his apartment.  The pair began their musical experiments in earnest, working deep underground in Sam’s father’s basement.  Peter Schmeling, armed with an arsenal of custom effects and delicious guitar licks, later joined the two in their subterranean lair help fill out the band’s sound and wrangle escaped cats.  It wasn’t until drummer Rick Snyder joined the band that they had the last thing they were missing: pro gear and a pro attitude. The quartet continued to refine their sound until one day they got it just right and their practice space spontaneously combusted from an overload of hype.

Tall, Tall Mountain rose from these ashes.  They built their own, reinforced practice space.  By this time, Matt and Sam each wrote and sang half of the band’s material, with Pete’s sweet riffs and Rick’s solid drumming providing depth and consistency.  Tall, Tall Mountain’s debut, The Tall, Tall EP, was produced by Ali Jaafar (Hollow Boys), and draws influence from 60s melodicism and underground 80s and 90s indie rock.  The EP presents six concise, catchy songs about vampires, naive artists, crooked politicians, and staying up all night.  Tall, Tall Mountain is currently playing shows in and around the Twin Cities, and will be officially releasing their debut in October 2015 on Kansas label Air House Records.

Jonathan Seldat
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 10:00pm

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Seldat, Minnesota-born and now residing in Minneapolis, with a voice that has been carrying stories across the country for over a decade. Jonathan's passion and his overwhelming need to constantly create new sound is often exalted by the likes of Dylan and Vedder. With his notable deep vocal range, one can easily find themselves captivated by his musical craft that has slowly taken shape over the past 15 years. He has worked with the likes of the Ojai Brothers, to opening for Max Collins of Eve 6 at Hotel Cafe in LA. As a solo artist, he has recently recorded his new EP Fear No One at Old Blackberry Way Studios in Dinkytown. Each song has its' very own character and musical direction, giving us a taste of the artists creative diversity.