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THIS MACHINE: Not My President's Day

Join us as we come together to redefine our public space from one of singular and stagnant violence and isolation to one of connection, complexity and motion. We are building THIS MACHINE (Not My President's Day), an evening of performance in two parts.

On Monday, February 20, find a public action at various sites along the #4/6, #11, #2, #61 bus routes between 4:30 and 6 pm.

Then, hop on one of those buses (or however you like to get around) and head to the Red Stag Supperclub for an evening of music, dance, poetry, performance art, and general revelry!

With art, embodiment, and activation of public space, we will build THIS MACHINE: Not My President's Day, to directly combat the propaganda machine, the money machine, the hate machine, in service of integrity, empowerment, and humanity.


Red Stag performers 6-9pm: Carnage the Executioner, Angelique Lele, Austin Lam,

Mary Moore Easter, Sean Smuda, Fairfax, AK, Anna Shogren, Michelle Erdman, Laura

Levinson, Helen Hatch & Anton LeMon, DOSH, Dalton/ Element Boxing, Betty Tisel,

Elise & Syd, Savage Aural Hotbed, Franco Holder, Gabe Roderick,

The Florists, Jennifer Pray, Farrwell, and DJ Zebruh.

We are building THIS MACHINE in association with the international performance series, Not My President's Day. For more information, or to find an event near you, visit