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Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra

They started to spread a rumor ten years ago that there was a kid from St. Paul that shook his head so hard when he played his bass that for a moment you could take your eyes off of Slug, Jessy Greene, Felix, Sage Francis or whoever the Heiruspecs band was backing up that night. Did he really eat a 72 ounce steak in Amarillo, TX? Did he try to fit the entire Rapper's Delight bassline into 2 quarter notes in Omaha? Did he not know that butter was a dairy product until he was 20? Did he traipse around his house in nothing but a blanket for a cape and demand to be called King Fred as a child? Yes, depending upon what age someone stops being a child. But now it's time for Twinkie to ask some questions: will white girls dance to anything but Hey Ya? Does anyone appreciate a song about love disguised in an allegory about star-crossed fast food franchises? Can you explain away your misspent 20s by misspending your 30s? The answer might be in the record Sean 'Twinkie Jiggles' McPherson is making with his Broken Orchestra this summer. At least that's the rumor.